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Bạn đang đọc truyện Review detailed tour on ha long cruise full miễn phí được cập nhật  tại Hãy để lại bình luận và nhấn theo dõi để cập nhật các chương mới nhất của truyện Review detailed tour on ha long cruise này nhé.

I just had a great trip guys!
Recently, I see a lot of people traveling in the form of Ha Long cruises. Because we have never experienced it and are quite curious, recently, my friend and I decided to try it once to see if there is anything different from normal tours. In this article, I will review in detail about my recent 2 days 1 night Ha Long cruise, let's start with me!

+/ Move to Ha Long cruise
On this trip, I chose the 5-star Marageret yacht*. Regarding the means of transportation to Ha Long, the yacht has a limousine to shuttle from Hanoi to Quang Ninh and vice versa, I find it very convenient, so I always use this service. The day I took the car to pick up at the Hanoi Opera House at 8:30 am to 8:45 am, the train sent me the driver's contact information, so I actively contacted the car interest and knew the time the driver would pick up. see me off, in the afternoon I also park here.
Travel time is about 2h30 hours, the car goes on the highway so it is also quite fast compared to the normal road, on the way there is a 30-minute stop for tourists to visit the pearl culture area, here you will be visit the process of making pearls and buy some pearl products made by the locals themselves (prices vary depending on type, expensive and cheap are available)

The car has about 8 seats, is spacious and clean, so it will feel more open than normal cars. The car is fully air-conditioned, free wifi is comfortable to use. Although the road is a bit far away, but there is no shock, the car goes very smoothly, so you can rest assured that you will not be tired. Almost 12 o'clock we arrived, went to the waiting room of the Maragret yacht to rest a bit and check-in procedures.
While waiting for the train station to check in, guests will be provided with tea and coffee snacks. Snacks including some kind of Bim Bim, popcorn, cereals are quite easy to eat. The train station has 2 floors with cool, spacious free wifi for guests to use while waiting to board the train.
Besides, you can also go to the cruise terminal by yourself without having to take their car. If you have a friend's car or are in Ha Long available, you can move to the waiting area yourself, and of course there is no surcharge for the shuttle bus.
+/ Moving during the trip
During the 2 days and 1 night of the journey, we stayed entirely on Margaret Cruise, floating in the middle of Ha Long Bay. The cruise will go to a number of attractions included in the schedule, from the cruise to these points, people will move by a tender, each trip only takes a few minutes.
Before going on the Ha Long cruise, I was very afraid of getting seasick, because I am a person with a weak body and often get motion sickness. However, in 2 days of joining the boat tour, I was very proud and did not feel drunk at all. Personally, I find that when I'm on a yacht, I almost don't feel the movement of the ship, so it's quite safe and I rarely feel drunk.
EAT AND dine on a cruise ship
What to eat on Halong cruise?
During the cruise, all meals are fully included in the cruise price. The 2 days 1 night itinerary will include all 4 meals including: 2 lunches for 2 days, 1 dinner (day 1), 1 buffet breakfast (day 2). The first lunch on the cruise we ate was a buffet, the food was quite full including squid, shrimp, fish, rice, and quite full soup. Because I didn't have breakfast that day, when I got on the boat I was very hungry, I ate a lot, but the food on the cruise was very adequate to ensure for visitors. For dinner, I ate a set menu of 5 dishes with dishes cooked in the style of European food, because I am quite fond of European food, so it was very delicious. The next morning's breakfast was a light buffet, consisting of zucchini. Pho, eggs, bread...with a breakfast, those dishes are enough for a full day of energy. The buffet lunch on the 2nd day was eaten quite early around 9:30, I checked out and was at the restaurant for lunch, the food was not as much as the lunch on the first day but it was also full of dishes, still had some seafood. produce. I ate until more than 10 o'clock and finished and my stomach was full.

In general, the food on Margaret cruise is very delicious and filling, I give 9/10 points. With two girls like us, even though the portion size is a bit too much, every meal is full. One thing I really like is that during the trip there will be many different groups, but the yacht will arrange a table for each group, not sitting together, creating the most privacy and comfort for customers.
+/ Yacht design
Margaret Cruise is an iron train, consisting of 4 floors: the 1st and 2nd floors are the bedrooms, the 3rd floor is the restaurant area and 4 luxury rooms, the top is the sundeck with a bar - where drinks are served to guests. When going to the deck to rest, everyone can relax, watch the sunset, etc. As soon as I entered the Maragret yacht, I was impressed by the modern and luxurious design. The walls, floors, and stairs are all designed in the same color to create a sense of modern luxury and intimacy

+/ The yacht's bedroom
My sister and I stayed in the Deluxe Ocean View room on the first floor, this room is about 20 square meters

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